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Having Twins? WHAT THE F$&@!!!!!!

Having Twins?  The day I found out I was having twins I cried. I had a two year old. I was running a successful company.  We had just purchased a cute little bungalow...900 square feet. For anyone that has been pregnant, I'd like to add that the bathroom was down a narrow staircase on the first floor. Twins. Life was running along smoothly. I envisioned adding children to our lives one at a time. It's funny how in life, the moments we grow and push ourselves are the moments when we are forced to step outside of our comfort zone. We are asked to move in a slightly different direction. I say this because all of the "scary" moments in my life - moving, starting a new job, trying a new skill, having twins, starting a company, parenting a "teenager", all of these are the moments when I grew as a human. I was asked by life to push myself. And you will too. So if you just found out you are having multiples, breathe. You will be fine. Your life will be even

Traveling to Brisbane, Australia with 3 kids under age 13 - our action packed itinerary.

As a small business owner, I often don’t get the chance to travel with my family for extended periods of time. And even when we do, I often find myself checking email, making sure customers are happy, and making sure orders are shipping out in a timely manner. As a business owner, being in a country that was 15 hours behind time wise was perfect. I knew that when I was awake my customers were fast asleep so I could put my phone away and be truly present with my family. As Swimlids continues to grow in Australia, I hope I can spend more time exploring this multicultural country. We spent two weeks in Queensland. Our home base was Brisbane. It is a beautiful city with so much to do! There is a lagoon in the middle of the city- it was awesome! There is a river that runs through the entire city and you can take a boat from one side to the other - (in fact we did this for a good portion of one day). There are bike paths everywhere and you can rent city bikes almost anywhere in the city.